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Cold Weather NASCAR Races

Here we are, dead center of the off-season, and it's safe to say I miss NASCAR badly, and mid-February can't come soon enough! I am curious on something, though, because of where we are on the calendar. Would anybody on here attend a race if the green flag temperature was 0⁰F (about -15⁰C) or colder? It could happen if, say, the Foxwoods Resort Casino 301 (which, being in mid-July, is consistently one of the hottest races of the year, clear opposite what we're talking about) was moved to New Year's Eve (perfect for Blaney fans 🎉👍) or if the Firekeepers Casino 400 or Pocono races were moved to December or January. I've seen the pics of those places recently, and it looks like we need snowplows before the Air Titans and jet dryers are deployed! Other than that, green flag! A race like this would be one of the few things I'd freeze my ass off like this for! The drivers wouldn't give anything that resembles a damn because we know it would still be well over 100⁰F inside those cars! Anyone remember a race that was anywhere near as cold as I'm indicating? I can't remember one off the top of my head that was even below freezing, although an XFINITY race at Texas a couple of years ago was close, at 33-34⁰F at green flag.
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Non-Nevada casino minimums (COVID edition) part 5

If you are reporting about a casino, could you please try to include the following:
The more information we have, the better off we will be.
We all know that tables can change rapidly. I saw a table go from 25 to 15 to 100 at the Flamingo in the course of a few hours. I'll try to keep the mins what is reported the most and add other information in the comments like "found this table at $5 on graveyard shift" so people konw that isn't the norm
These tables can be a pain to maintain, so please provide as much information as possible. An informed roller is a beter roller.
OtherNV Casnio WeekDay Min WeekNight Min WeekendMin WeeknightMin MaxOdds Field Pay Sidebet Dividers/Per Side Last Update Comments
Wind Creek (Wetumpka, AL) 15 25 Unknown Unknown Unknown Unknown Unknown 4 to a table 7/31
Sycuan (San Diego, CA) 10 10 Unknown Unknown Unknown Unknown Unknown Unknown Unknown
Barona (So Cal) 10 15 10 10-15 5X 2 Dub 3 Trip Fire/Sharpshooter 2 per side 10/2 dealers managing bets for players. ($10 at times) - Digital table . $10, double the field with Hot Shooter Bet.
Harrahs (So Cal) 15-25 15-25 15-50 15-50 Unknown Unknown Unknown No 7/31
Ameristar (Black Hawk, CO) 10 10 15 15 10X Unknown Unknown Unknown 10/12 Colorado law, max bet $100
Golden Gates (Black Hawk, CO) 10 10 10 10 20X Unknown Unknown Unknown 10/12 Colorado law, max bet $100
Monarch (Black Hawk, CO) 10 10 15 15 10X Unknown Unknown Unknown 10/12 Colorado law, max bet $100
Saratoga (Black Hawk, CO) 10 10 10 10 20X Unknown Unknown Unknown 10/12 Colorado law, max bet $100
The Lodge (Black Hawk, CO) 10 10 10 10 10X Unknown Unknown Unknown 10/12 Colorado law, max bet $100
Foxwoods (CT) 10 10 Unknown Unknown Unknown Unknown Unknown 4/side 8/22
Mohegan (CT) 15-25 25 Unknown Unknown Unknown Unknown Unknown Unknown Unknown
Harrington (DE) 15 15-25 25 25 10X Unknown Firebet 2/side 10/1
Rivers (Chicago, IL) 15 15 Unknown Unknown Unknown Unknown Unknown Unknown 8/2
Blue Chip (Michigan City, IN) 5 10 Unknown Unknown Unknown Unknown ATS Unknown 5 minimum prop bets, 5 min ATS bet.
Caesars Southern IN 10 15 15 25 Unknown ATS & Fire Unknown Unknown 11/15
French Lick Resort (French Lick, IN) 15 15 25 25 Unknown Unknown Unknown Unknown 8/5 Tables open at 11am and close at 3AM.
Harrah's Hooiser Park (Anderson, IN) 10 10 Unknown Unknown Unknown Unknown Unknown Unknown Unknown
Hollywood Larenceburg (Larenceburg, IN) 10 10 Unknown Unknown Sharp/Lucky Shooter Unknown Unknown 4/side 11/15
Indiana Grand (IN) 10 15 Unknown Unknown Unknown Unknown Unknown Unknown No
Hollywood casino Lawrenceburg (IN) 10-15 10 -15 Unknown Unknown Unknown Unknown Unknown Rivers (Chcago, IL) 10 15
Belle (Baton Rogue, LA) 5 10 Unknown Unknown Unknown Unknown Unknown Unknown Unknown one half sized table sometimes they open the big one. $5 small table and $10 big late at night
Hollywood (Baton Rogue, LA) 5 10 Unknown 15 Unknown Unknown Unknown 7/24
L’auberge (Baton Rogue,LA) 15 15 Unknown Unknown Unknown Unknown Unknown No 8/2
L’auberge (Lake Charles,LA) 15 15 Unknown Unknown Unknown Unknown Unknown No 8/2
El Dorado (Shreveport, LA) 10 10 10 10 100X Unknown Unknown Unknown 8/17
Horseshoe (Shreveport, LA) 15 15 15 15 Unknown Unknown Unknown Unknown Unknown 8/17
Margaritaville (Shreveport, LA) 15 15 15 15 Unknown Unknown Unknown Unknown Unknown 8/17
Sams Town (Shreveport, LA) 10 10 10 10 20X Unknown Unknown Unknown 10/10
Ocean Downs (MD) 10 15 Unknown Unknown Unknown Unknown Unknown 8/17
Maryland Live (MD) 25 50 50 100 Unknown Unknown Unknown Yes, 4 per side 9/6 Electronic craps 15 min
MGM @ National Harbor 50-100 Unknown Unknown Unknown Unknown Unknown Unknown Yes No bubble craps or low roller options.
Firekeepers (Battle Creek, MI) 10 15+ 15 25 Unknown Unknown Unknown No 8/17 $3 Bubble Craps.
Four Winds Casino (New Buffalo, MI) 15 15 Unknown Unknown Unknown Unknown Unknown Unknown Digital craps table 5$ min
Gun Lake (Wayland, MI) 10 15 Unknown Unknown Unknown Unknown Unknown Unknown No No
MGM Grand Detroit (Detroit, MI) 15 25 unknown unknown Unknown Unknown Unknown Yes
Turtle Creek (Traverse City, MI) 5 Unknown Unknown Unknown Unknown Unknown Unknown
Soaring Eagle (Mt Pleasant, MI) 10 15 Unknown Unknown Unknown Unknown Unknown Yes, 5 per side
Hollywood Casino, Maryland Heights (St Louis) MO 15 15 Unknown Unknown Unknown Unknown Unknown 4 per side
River City (St. Louis, MS) 20 20 Unknown Unknown Unknown Unknown Unknown Unknown 4 players per side You have to have at least a $20 bet for every throw to "hold your spot"
Beau Rivage (Biloxi, MS) 25 25 25 25 unknown Unknown Unknown Unknown 10/18 3 tables
Boomtown (Biloxi, MS) 10 10 Unknown 15 10X Unknown Unknown Unknown 10/10 1 table
Hard Rock (Biloxi, MS) 25 25 25 25 Unknown Unknown Unknown Unknown Updated 9/4
IP (Biloxi, MS) 25 25 Unknown Unknown Unknown Unknown Unknown Unknown Unknown Unknown
Scarlett Pearl (Biloxi, MS) 15 25 Unknown Unknown Unknown Unknown Unknown No
The Palace Biloxi, MS) 10 15 Unknown Unknown Unknown Unknown Unknown Unknown Unknown
Golden Spike (Tunica, MS) 10 15 15 25 Unknown Unknown Unknown Unknown 10/27
Horseshoe (Tunica, MS) 10 15 15 25 Unknown Unknown Unknown Unknown 10/27
Treasure Bay (Biloxi, MS) 10 10 10 10 10X Unknown Unknown Unknown 10/10
Harrah’s Cherokee & Murphy 15 15 Unknown Unknown Unknown Unknown Unknown No Unknown
Harrahs River Valley (Murphy, NC) 25 25 Unknown Unknown Unknown Unknown Unknown Unknown Unknown
Ballys (AC, NJ) 10 15 10 10-25 Unknown Unknown Unknown Yes 9/22
Caesars (AC, NJ) 15 15 Unknown 15-25 Unknown Unknown Unknown Unknown 7/29
Harrahs (AC, NJ) 15 15 Unknown Unknown Unknown Unknown Unknown Unknown 7/29
Hard Rock (AC, NJ 15 25 Unknown Unknown Unknown Unknown Unknown Unknown 7/29
Resorts (AC, NJ) 15 25 Unknown 15 Unknown Unknown Unknown Yes 7/29
Ocean (AC, NJ) 10 15 10 15-25 Unknown Unknown Unknown Yes, 4 per side 9/4
Buffalo Creek (NY) 15 25 Unknown Unknown Unknown Unknown Unknown Unknown Unknown
Seneca Niagra (NY) 10 15 15 25 Unknown Unknown Unknown No 8/22
Jack/Harrah's (Cincinnati, OH) 25 25 25 25 Unknown Unknown Unknown Unknown Unknown
Cocktaw (Durant, OK) 10 Unknown 10 Unknown Unknown Unknown Unknown Unknown 8/22
Winstar World Casino (Thackerville, OK) 5 5 Unknown Unknown 3x/4x/5x Unknown Unknown Unknown 10/10
Hollywood (Columbus, OH) 10-15 Unknown Unknown Unknown Unknown Unknown Unknown Unknown Unknown
Hollywood (Grantville, PA) 15 25 Unknown Unknown Unknown Unknown Unknown Unknown Unknown
Harrah's Philly (PA) Unknown Unknown 15 25 Unknown Unknown Unknown Unknown 8/10
Meadows (PA) 10 10 Unknown Unknown Unknown Unknown Unknown Unknown 9/4
Mohegan Sun (PA) Unknown Unknown 25-50 Unknown Unknown Unknown Unknown Unknown 8/3
Rivers Casino Philly (Philadelphia, PA) Unknown 15-25 Unknown Unknown Unknown Double field Unknown Unknown 10/9
Seneca Allegheny (PA) 5 5 Unknown Unknown Unknown Unknown Unknown Unknown 9/4
Windcreek (PA) 10 10 Unknown Unknown Unknown Unknown Unknown Unknown Unknown
Mount airy (Scotrun, PA) 10 15 Unknown Unknown Unknown Unknown Unknown Unknown 10/2
Valley Forge (PA) Unknown 10 25 Unknown Unknown Unknown Unknown Unknown 9/12
Parx (Bensalem, PA) 15 25 15 15 Unknown Unknown Unknown Yes, 3 per side 8/22
Mardi Gras (Nitro, WV) Unknown Unknown 15 Unknown Unknown Unknown Unknown Unknown 7/28 Usually open on weekends
Part 1. It's getting buried so I figured we would make a new one.
Part 2
Part 3
Part 4
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Houston is LEAKING money!

I've been playing cards for well over a decade now and I've been beating the game regularly for years. My father introduced me to the game when I was young and when I turned eighteen I hit the road traveling while working for a construction company. I'd play whenever and wherever I could all over the country. Been to every major casino from Foxwoods to Hard Rock and all throughout the west coast where I've called home for a while now.
It's all the same everywhere I've gone though. Live poker players are TERRIBLE. One of the best parts about it is the fact that a lot of them will openly acknowledge that what they're doing is going to lose them money in the long run and they still do it. Often gambling for hundreds of dollars with only a 30% chance of winning the hand. That means in that specific situation you're winning 7 out of 10 times.
And that's where I come in. If you put me in a position where I can be there when this happens then I can make us both a decent amount of money.
For those who don't know, the most important part of being a professional poker player who makes a living playing the game is bankroll management. You can be the best player in the world but if you don't have enough money to withstand the downswings then you will go broke. Even Vegas doesn't win 100% of the time.
This has always been what has kept me from playing the game for a living and taking it seriously. I've never had the proper bankroll or bankroll management because I didn't need it and it's led to some crazy situations.
There was one stretch of time when if I won at 1/3 with $300 at risk I'd go play 2/5 with $1000 at risk. If I'd win at 2/5 I'd play 5/10 with $2000 at risk. This of course is a recipe for eventual disaster but it did provide me with a good amount of insight into the variety of players at different stakes. Surprisingly enough I didn't really see too much of a difference between people gambling for $100 or people gambling for $5000. It's all relative and there was always still at least one player at the table making MASSIVE mistakes.
So I'm really hoping I can find some bored rich person with money laying around doing nothing. Or better yet, someone who is actually familiar with the game who might have their own stable in the Houston area.
If you're the former then the way this would work is, you would give me the money to go play in whatever game you're comfortable staking me in and whatever profits I make are divided evenly between the two of us. I'm even willing to start at a better rate for you, maybe something like 60/40.
The games can range from $300 up to whatever you can imagine. Mostly in the range of $500, $1000 and $5000. The higher the stakes, the more money we make.
This is gambling, so the profits we make will vary widely over a short period of time but as long as we continue to make correct decisions while others are making the wrong decisions then our profit margins will begin to level out at a sustainable positive win rate.
The following applies to Texas Holdem. Omaha winrates are substantially higher but the variance is overwhelmingly high.
With $300 at stake my winrate is roughly $30 an hour.
With $500 at stake my winrate is roughly $50 an hour.
With $1000 at stake my winrate is roughly $70 an hour.
That means that if you put me in a $500 game 40 hours a week I can generate $8,000 a month in profit that we can split and have a nice extra bit of change in our pockets. Luckily for us, there are plenty of games in Houston and there is plenty of action just waiting for us.
This isn't even considering poker tournaments this could lead us to where 1st place is hundreds of thousands of dollars. I know for a fact I can crush these games man, it's honestly laughable how easy it is to beat live poker. All I need is the stake so let's do this!
Edit: I guess I should clarify, I'm not looking for some quick Cashapp/PayPal transaction. I'm looking to find someone and build a relationship with them to the point where they are 100% comfortable with whatever arrangement we come up with. I really don't even care what it is. You wanna come over and hang out, have some BBQ with me and my family? Fuck it. I realize the ever looming absurdity in this sort of proposition which is why I'm willing to make sure you're comfortable and I also realize how much of a long shot this is but fuck it. Lifes short.
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What dialect do Chinese casino patrons and dealers in the United States speak?

Before COVID, I used to go to casinos in Las Vegas, Atlantic City and Connecticut (where 2 of the biggest casinos in the world, Foxwoods and Mohegan Sun are located).
I play a lot of baccarat and often I am the only non-Chinese person sitting at the table.
More often than not, the dealers and players in these casinos are able to speak to each other in Chinese and apparently understand each other perfectly.
Are they speaking Mandarin or Cantonese, and why one and not the other? If the answer is “some people speak one and some people speak the other,” which dialect is more common in American casinos?
If possible, would like to hear from people who speak Chinese and have actually been to casinos in one of the locations I mentioned rather than just speculation.
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Demanded extra tier credits at The Cromwell & a good run with a sour end at Bally's

Spent the weekend in Vegas with my wife. Only really played craps extensively on two occasions, and figured I'd sum those up here, as both had some interesting pieces...
The Cromwell 2/22
Decided to check this out after all of the hype, even though I'm not really enough of a high roller to actually want to put 100x odds behind. The table was ice cold for a while, even with the (kind of snobby?) dealers commenting that no one had hit a point in about an hour. I switched to the DP and was at least keeping my head slightly above water, until a high roller showed up, casually throwing down about $15k in cash. The dealers seemed to be familiar with him. He had quite a bit of energy - some players thought he was annoying, I thought he was pretty funny, and for some reason he would shout "Goddamn bloody Foxwoods!" every time there was a 7 out.
Eventually he noticed my DP bet and the point was 4, and so he asked if he could put $1,000 behind it. I hesitated at first before recalling some stories where high rollers will tip players they can win off of, so I let him, and it became a routine, probably 7 or 8 times whenever the point was 4/10. He made a good chunk of change this way, but sadly, the only "tip" I got was when I decided I wanted some odds too, so he couldn't put $1,000 without capping out. He'd pay the extra $10 or whatever to increase the cap and I kept that plus the 1:1 payout when it hit, so I guess I made about $30-40 from him throughout the night. BUT, the next day, when I checked my new Caesars Rewards account, I only had 92 tier credits from the session. I told the Rewards desk and they said I was only written up for a $34 average bet and "you can talk to the pit boss about it if it's wrong." Went back over and it was an all new pit boss with all new dealers. So I said, "hey, numerous times last night, I had $1,000 behind my bets." I'm in a ratty T-shirt and gym shorts, so the pit boss looks at me like, "Really?" I said, yeah, check the tapes, here's where I was standing. He didn't, but I guess that was enough for him to believe me (and it was technically true). So I got about 700 extra tier credits. Better than nothing!
A friend later told me that it's pretty common for high rollers to do this, so that they can eliminate the risk of even taking a line bet. By only piggybacking into odds bets off other players, he's playing the only true odds game with no house edge.
Bally's 2/24
Decided to stop by Bally's to play before we had to head to the airport. Funny enough, I bumped into one of the other players who I was next to at The Cromwell. I bought in for $300 and it was a little cold at first, but we started to get some really good shooters, one of whom promised he could hit field numbers for a long time before 7'ing out, and damn, he did. Had an excellent shooter who was hitting 4s and 10s like it was easy, so I was putting more odds than I'm usually comfortable doing, and he was easily hitting 6s and 8s, so I was pressing those more than I usually do, too. Eventually I'm up about $150 with Bally's money, and it's time to head to the airport. Point is 4. I decide to put $50 odds, $10 on the 5 and 9, $25 on the 10 and $30 each on the 6/8. All their money.
Shooter throws the dice and they stick to his hand for a second and dropped, hit a stack of chips in the centerfield, and landed as a 7 without even really crossing the middle of the table. And they called it. I'm always irritated when they don't "no roll" dice that don't hit the back wall but I guess this is technically within their right to call, but I was right back to what I started with, and we all just cleared out. The table was now empty. Kind of dumb from a business perspective, because if it was a legitimate 7, I think most of us would have stayed for a bit longer, but the fact that the call was such BS... we all bailed. So the casino made a short term gain but a long term loss.
It's weird to describe my anger at that situation. I knew I was risking the $150 and it wasn't even my money, so an authentic 7 would have been a disappointment, but I would be a good sport about it. It's just the lousy throw and the multiple interferences the dice took that gave us a 7 really soured the entire experience and seemed like a cheap shot. I bet if it was a 6 or 8, they would have no roll'd it so they didn't have to pay us, but that's just the cynic in me.
Bonus - Hotel: The Cosmopolitan
We decided to check the Cosmopolitan out because some Redditors told us it had an in-room 2 person hot tub in certain suites, and they're in network with Marriott. As a road warrior for work, I'm a Marriott Titanium Elite, so not only did I have the points to get the room for free, but I only booked the mountain view one, yet they upgraded me to the fountain view for free as a status perk. The tub was nice but was really just a large tub, not a jacuzzi or true hot tub, but it still got plenty of use nevertheless. The vibe at the Cosmopolitan is definitely a more millennial-geared one with a weird 1950s-60s vibe. Think about the 20 year olds who (un?)ironically watch old classic films. That's pretty much their target demographic.
I don't know if I'd stay there at the regular sticker price of $200/night, which is high to me by Vegas standards. Even with my recently slashed MLife status, I know I can get the Aria for $89. But it's definitely worth checking out once if you want to treat yourself, and/or have 140,000 Marriott points to burn.
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Help me move to Conecticut

First post ever on Reddit (I'm late to the game)
We live in a city in the Midwest of about 700k. We live in the downtown area and generally do not like suburbs (strip malls galore). My partner is in the process of interviewing for a job at Foxwoods Casino. We really do not want to live in a small town. We really enjoy city living. I fully understand from my initial research that there are not any cities in CT even close to the size of city we are currently in. My partner is willing to commute aprox an hour each way to the casino and back.
From my initial research it looks like the west side of the state are highly rated as far as schools, culture, jobs, housing and so on. Unfortunately, that is too far of a commute. So where should we be looking? I've looked quite a bit in Hartford and New Haven but feel I'm probably overlooking some great options. We are middle class as far as income. Have 2 school aged kids.
Key factors we are considering:
commute time
cost of housing
employment for me (I work in mental health)

Another thing, we like contemporary/modern housing and what I've found so far on Zillow, that doesn't seem to be a style that is found in homes there. Mainly, moreso we want the interior of the home to be contemporary/modern vs more traditional.
Any insight you can give would be so helpful and much appreciated!
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What's Happening in CT 2/27 - 3/1

Thursday, February 27th, 2020:

Friday, February 28th, 2020:

Saturday, February 29th, 2020:

Sunday, March 1st, 2020:

Check out a newly released movie such as:
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What's Happening in CT 10/17 - 10/20

Thursday, October 17th, 2019:

Friday, October 18th, 2019:
Saturday, October 19th, 2019:
Sunday, October 20th, 2019:
How about check out a newly released movie this weekend!
You can also check this link out for a ton more events all around CT!
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User Suggested Events:
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I think it was removed because I posted o my Tumblr. Sorry!
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What's Happening in CT 12/20 - 12/22

Quick message - who would like to see me as a mod for this subreddit, that way I can always update/pin my newest posts to the subs.if any mods are reading this that would be great as the pinned post right now is almost 2 months old lol.

Friday, December 20th 2019:

Saturday, December 21st, 2019:

Sunday, December 22nd, 2019:

Check out more things to do here:

See a new movie like:
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What's Happening in CT: 1/16 - 1/19

Thursday, January 16th, 2020:

Friday, January 17th, 2020:

Saturday, January 18th, 2020:

Sunday, January 19th, 2020:

Find more things to do this weekend here!

Check out some new movies like these:

Friday, January 10th
The Informer
Like a Boss
Friday, January 17th
Bad Boys for Life
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What's Happening in CT - 1/24/20 - 1/26/20

Friday, January 24th, 2020:

Saturday, January 25th, 2020:

Sunday, January 26th, 2020:

Find more things to do here!

Check out a newly released movie such as:

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In The House #Gaming Night! An Option to Your Stay-At-Home Blues!

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For the Tristate poker player! Question about AC vs CT Poker rooms

I’ve been playing in AC for years now and never really ventured out to CT casinos (Mohegan and Foxwoods). For those who regularly play at these locations, which location do you prefer? Where do you feel is a softer game? AC casinos (borgata)? Or Mohegan or Foxwoods?
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Inside Boston underground Poker Part 3

Part 1:
Part 2:
So now my apartment had been robbed for the 2nd time within a few months, I had a regular gig dealing 2 nights a week at Andy's game outside of Chinatown, and I was playing 3 or 4 nights a week at Moon's game in Back Bay. Moon and I had gotten to be pretty close friends, I tended to hang out until the game broke and then we'd go out and grab breakfast after. He was a really interesting guy, and super smart, but with really strange ways of looking at things. I was told later that his mom had killed herself after some huge gambling losses, so maybe that explains some of his erratic thoughts.
I liked the rhythm I was in, I was making great money and enjoying myself a decent amount, but I realized some people at Moon's game were a little annoyed with my style. As I mentioned in part 1, I was known for hitting and running games. If I made a certain amount for the night, I'd usually stop playing and just hang out talking with Moon or other people who were waiting to get in the game. Moon had some game system in the side room with a big screen TV, so I'd mess around on there, smoke with Moon, etc.
I decided maybe people wouldn't be so pissed about that if I wasn't there so often, so I started diversifying my games a bit. Ron had connections all over, so one day he took me over to a game in South Boston. For those who haven't seen movies like The Departed, Southie is known for a huge Irish population. The game in question was held at a VFW and was run by the Irish mob. Now if you haven't played in underground games you might be thinking to yourself, if you can play in games like Moon's game where the guy running it is just some goofy libertarian conspiracy nut stoner, why would you play with dangerous people like the Irish mob?
The answer is that the mob game was the safest in town, even safer than Andy's game. No Boston cop is going into Southie to bust up an Irish mob game. No one is stupid enough to try to rob an Irish mob game. It really was a good place to play. It wasn't as plush as some of the other places since it was inside a VFW, but the mob guys were as friendly as can be, we were their customers! There's nothing quite like some mob lackey coming over and asking if you want them to make you another sandwich or bring you another beer. It was a bit surreal.
My favorite character from the VFW game was this short Irish guy whose name I can't remember. He talked CONSTANTLY, nervous little chatter, always complaining about "flop lag" (that his cards from the previous hand would have been good on the current flop) or commenting about how he'd have made a big hand if he'd have called preflop. He was a really good poker player, very astute. He'd constantly come up with great reads on players and make impressive calls. I once asked why he didn't play at Foxwoods which was the closest casino to Boston at the time so that he could play bigger games. It turns out that on top of being a great poker player, the guy was also a compulsive thief. He was banned from casinos and games far and wide for stealing chips off of people's stacks while they were in the bathroom, or just had their backs turned. Imagine having the skill to win hundreds of thousands of dollars a year playing poker, and being relegated to a $1/3 game because you can't help but steal $5 from your neighbor's stack while he's pissing. The guy was insane.
Speaking of Foxwoods, one night Moon's game was breaking early for some reason and a guy asked if I wanted to go with him to Foxwoods. I was hesitant, because it's a 21 year old casino, but he insisted that they never card people if you go in through the poker room entrance. I decided to give it a shot, and it turned out he was right, I never got carded coming in that way. I found that the $2/5 game there was a nitfest, but the $5/10 $2k max buyin game was full of maniacs and drunks on the weekend. I had found a new place to diversify my play.
It turned out that Ron and his friend who was solid too would go to Foxwoods pretty often, so we started going there every couple of weeks. I'd go out there alone sometimes as well, the action was just insane. One Friday I bought in for $1k on the $5/10 game and had the session of a lifetime. This drunk guy kept buying in for $2k, running it up to $5k by sucking out on people and playing like a maniac, and then would dump it to me. I ended up playing for 36 hours straight at the table, from 8pm Friday night until 8am Sunday morning (obviously with some bathroom and food breaks, but mostly eating at the table). I left with a bit over $21k.
I actually never played legally at Foxwoods, I only went there when I was underage. It was only an issue a couple of times. To get to the food areas besides the poker cafe, you had to walk out the casino exit. Usually after eating if I walked in like I was supposed to be there, they wouldn't question me. Once a security guard ID'd me and I turned around and walked away, then went outside and back through the poker entrance.
The major issue came one time when I was gone for more than 40 minutes and they picked up my stack. They acknowledged that it was my stack, but said I had to show ID to confirm it for some reason. I ended up bullshitting my way out of it by saying I had left my ID in Boston, and I didn't think it was reasonable for them to ask me to drive 2 hours each way to get my $3k back. In the end a few dealers spoke up and said I was there multiple times a month, and my logic that if I was under 21 they'd be in so much trouble with the gaming commission convinced them to give the chips back and make me go home until I brought my ID. Of course I was back the next week without ID as usual and never had any issue again.
I started getting more into online poker around this time as well. Back in high school I had played online some, and my first big bink came online as I talked about in Part 1 of this story, but between leaving Boston in 2006 and early 2008 where we are at in the story now, I had barely played online, instead focusing on live. I deposited $600 on Full Tilt and played a few tables of 200nl. I was playing like a total maniac, so far from my normal style live, but I was crushing it! I lost the first 2 $600 deposits, but the 3rd one I ran up to $18k, rising in stakes to $400nl and 600nl. I was turning 21 in May, so my dream was to win a seat into the WSOP Main and be the youngest ever to win. One day in March or April, both Stars and Full Tilt were having crazy satellites to the Main, I believe the FTP one paid like 250 seats and the Stars paid 100 seats, both with buyins of like $600. I bombed out of the Stars tourney, but made a deep run on Full Tilt. It was down to 10 people until the bubble, so everyone was just folding until forced all in pretty much. I was down to about 4bb and picked up AQs, and knowing I couldn't just fold my way in I shoved from the cutoff. The button was sitting on about 7bbs and most likely could have folded his way in, but for some reason he called over half his stack with A6o and nailed the 6 right on the flop, crushing my dreams.
I cashed out $12k and left $5k to play with, but ended up donking that off playing $1000nl against actual good players and running into big hands. I decided to put e-checks on my account so I didn't have the $600 max daily deposit that the other options gave. Instead I could now deposit $2500/day if I wanted to, and I lost $2500 the first day, then won $3000 the 2nd day and decided I was playing too gambly and cashed out the $5500 I had on there. Once again I had cooled on online poker and was grinding live, and mostly forgot about my Full Tilt account for the time being.
It was now late April, our lease was up at the end of May, and I decided I would move out to Las Vegas for the summer and grind cash at the WSOP. I said my goodbyes to everyone in the scene, I had no plans to move back to Boston. I had some good times there, but overall I was ready for a change of scenery. I had around $150k at this point, I had made a ton of money over the past year, but also spent tens of thousands on bullshit, and gambled away a ton in the pits at Foxwoods and Turning Stone. Back before I moved to Israel in 2006, I had decided to open up a Charles Schwab account to put my money in and invest it. I kept most of my money in the market, making some aggressive plays and investing on margins, but doing well as the market rose. In 2008 the market started doing poorly, but I was making enough in poker to make up for it, and I made some profitable moves shorting airline stocks. I left Boston for Vegas feeling pretty good and wondering where life would go next.
When I arrived in Vegas, I looked at my Schwab account which was the account I had connected to FTP for e-checks. There were 5 deposits for $2500 each, one each day for the 5 days I had been driving from Boston to Vegas. I was confused as I hadn't deposited for over a month at this point. I called FTP support and the person on the line would only tell me that the IP address I had deposited from was the same I had deposited from the month before, but a different computer was used. Still a bit confused, but with a suspicion of what may have happened, I called Rich. Before I could even really ask, Rich made some comment about how his laptop had been stolen the past week from his girlfriend's apartment. I then called FTP support back and said I believed the transactions had been fraudulent. I asked if since they could tell which computer had logged in with my account, could they also tell me if other accounts had ever logged in from that computer. They told me they weren't supposed to, but they basically confirmed that the laptop that logged in and made the deposits on my account was the laptop regularly used to log in on Rich's account. They also confirmed yet again that the deposits were made from the same IP we both regularly logged in from. For Rich's story to be believable, someone had stolen his laptop from his girlfriend's place miles away, taken it to our apartment and logged in from there. I finally realized what a lying piece of shit Rich was, and some things he had done in the past clicked for me. I realized the 2nd burglary of our apartment was completely fabricated, he had taken my PS3, PSP, games and DVDs and probably pawned them all.
I called the number on the back of my Schwab debit card and told them the transactions were fraudulent. They required me to get a police report, so I had a fun few hours with LVPD explaining that my roommate in Boston had stolen money from me through my online poker account while I was driving. I sent the police report over, and about a month later Visa refunded my $12,500. They said they would do an investigation into Rich, but never gave me any updates about what happened. I brought this story up on this forum once before and someone who knew Rich growing up responded, and they think he was never arrested for it, so I guess he got away with the scam and Visa ate the $12,500 loss. The person from /poker did say they think they last heard he was homeless in San Francisco, so that's a bit of justice I suppose.
I could continue this story, but it would no longer be about Boston underground poker, it would be about Vegas live poker.
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What's Happening in CT 11/28 - 12/1

Thursday November 28th, 2019:

Friday November 29th, 2019:

Saturday November 30th, 2019:

Sunday December 1st, 2019:

Check out this link to find more events this weekend in CT!

More things to do here as well!

How about a newly released movie? Check out some of these!
Once again happy thanksgiving and if you can please donate if possible to a local food-bank or charity. One that is great for CT is the St. Vincent's Church food bank!
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What's Happening in CT 12/13 - 12/15

Friday, December 13th 2019:

Saturday, December 14th, 2019:

Sunday, December 15th, 2019:

Miss America 2020, December 15 - 19 The competition follows 51 compelling candidates as they compete for life-changing scholarships to be used to continue their efforts towards community service and education. The show will continue to highlight a diverse group of young students and professionals who are advancing the message of female strength, independence, and empowerment through their efforts in the areas of scholarship, talent and social impact. The Miss America Organization has ushered in a new era of progressiveness and inclusiveness, led by an all-female leadership team. Times vary, $75-$100 Mohegan Sun, 1 Mohegan Sun Blvd. Uncasville, CT

Find more things to do here!

- - - - - - - - - - -
How about a newly released movie! Check out these in a theater near you! Some in select theaters/times/dates/etc...
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Dreaming about Norwich...01/15/2020

Last night I dreamt about Norwich, CT. The place and town that I still call home. Very small town with nothing but fast food restaurants, gas stations and graveyards. A little down the ways there are some casinos. A place my grandmother use to always love going to. MGM grand, Foxwoods, or Mohegun Sun.
Money was an object growing up and sort of still is. Having to chase after an idea that I can fall in love and be happily ever after is starting to sound like a fairy tale. I say this because when I use to live in Norwich. My favorite place was and still is the cemetary. Feeling rejected, outcasted and unseen and unheard.
The only way that I could survive and not have to consider suicide or something worse to get high on life. I remember you and I use to go into the woods and essentially get lost for hours. We would make love and see new places together. How we ended up so distant from each other. I have no idea. But, I realized that I unintentionally caused others pain.
I dont know maybe my mind is wired differently than everyone elses. I've always seen things that weren't supposed to be there or drempt of supernatural unexplained happenings. I've also drempt about taking your hand and running away with you. But, running was the easy part.
My escape and my ticket was the Marines. I joined the delayed entry program at 17 and ran away. Before not knowing my girlfriend at the time got pregnant. During bootcamp leave, we got married at Groton Subbase Chapel. Your father couldnt be there. But, i would say this was the closest thing that I had to an actual wedding. My dad was there. Mom and John. But, your father couldnt make it because he was working.
Anyhow, a little insight to show you how I am feeling right now. I feel like my subconscious is running wild. I grew up to know a love when she fell head over heels for me. Still fudged it up by running away. I fell in love again, got married and sure enough she got pregnant. I was living in El Cajon at the time and saw a pregnancy test sitting on top of my cloths basket. There was a word that I recognized before sitting on the screen of the digital stick. I cried for joy and ran and hugged you. I knew that God gave me a second chance at happiness. Yet again. I ran away.
I fell in love a third time. But, with someone who is hard to grasp onto. Someone who travels all the time and never stays still. Yet, I know she longs to stay still eventually. Getting off that bus was and still is the hardest thing that I had to do. Metoproically speaking of course with my third love. This one my mind menophested this love and set a blind fold over my eyes. I was trying to Runaway again. So, use to being caught up in other peoples b.s. I cant even call my own.
It's been a long time and I cant even remember what it feels like. To be actually in love. I have been misused and abused, neglected for so long. My feeling of love has sort of blended out to be liked to be pushed around. Caught in a chemical romance.
There was a time where I would go to a place called the "Old times" Resturant. My dad use to take me there with my brother and I remember smelling the warm fresh jelly and toasted bread. I remember hearing the sizzling of the bacon as it came out. Never in my life have I missed a feeling like this for a long time. It's not about other people. Its about sharing those moments together. Unconditionally and romantically living in each moment. Never missing a detail.
Okay, maybe I overstepped my bounds a little bit. If things happen for a reason. Then they do. I realize that I am not in control nor am I here to try to be in the spotlight. I also realize I cant control other people. I think this is one thing about me is enjoying being under "mothers spell". I feel safe. I feel content and I feel wanted.
But, reality is screaming at me saying she is using you. Maybe that's true maybe its not. Maybe, it was all just my imagination. Allow me to be your mental patient. Allow me to be the person that you can blame when things get too hard. Allow me to be the one who can hold you as you are holding me and telling each other that "I've misses you".
How can we be so far gone? I reminisce about my past between events that are stuck in my memory like gorilla glue. It doesn't matter if you are 5 minutes away or 200 miles away from me. You are always close by but never too far gone. I can't make heads or tails on why we do the things we do. That's what makes us human, I guess.
Reluctant and not willing to answer my questions. Although I ask the same question a thousand times. Of course it will remain the same until you can show me that I am the one for ask me to show you love and support. While I am caught up in jealousies rage.
It makes me feel safe when I am hoping and praying that you arent with someone right now. It makes me feel useless when I hear another mans voice in the background. It hurts my pride when I dont get any answer.
I pour myself out and telling you that I dont have anything to hide. This is just how I am wierd. I ask you a thousand times because trust has been long gone. I ponder whether If you are being faithful or not. It's hard to keep to myself when everyone is asking how we wre doing. My response is "Not too well". Sometimes, I just say good just to get these people off my back.
Sometimes, I want to end It all. Not talking about us or our relationship. Sometimes, I just want one thing and thats you to myself. But, none of these things get me you. All these thoughts get me are depression, death or destruction. When all I want is to be happy. Of course we all want that. But, why is it so hard for people like us to stay together? Why is it so easy for two individuals to fall apart? Because we allow these things into our lives. Letting the exterior define our interior.
Throwing other people into the mess isnt good. And, its not fair to those people. That we call "friends". I know for me I haven't been with anyone else. I promise you that. Whenever I try to get close to someone else. You draw me back in like a fish out of water.
I drew a circle around me. i got on my knees and I begged for forgiveness. As my first born played in the drive way with chalk. I had an opportunity to speak to God. He told me draw three things in your life that witcher brings you joy, or love or happiness. So, I drew three smiley faces.
Is this all a game? Or is this a symbolic release in order to get away from the system?
In this space no one else can fit inside it but me. It's my safe place. "You tell me that it's over, when its only just begun..."
I can't explain why I feel the way I do because all I know what my main goal is to be married, happily and not have to freaking worry about another man ruining what we have. But, I realize that i am the one with the problem and the other guy is just picking up the pieces.
You are right. You deserve love and happiness. But, what you realize is that i am waiting for you. Yet you dont show up because my lack of shown interest. My jealousy has most likely blinded me. But, it's also your neglect to know where I am coming from.
Imagine me having girls over. Imagine me being on the phone with you. Girls laughing in the background and used the excuse that these girls are my dogs caretaker while I am out of the house. Which isnt really happening btw. But, I think if you cared enough. You would want to know what i am up to or you show some interest in my well being.
I know everything isnt about me. You are 100% correct. Everything isnt about me. Everything is about Everything. You and Me and this damned world that we live in. So, at the end of the day. What makes you happy? I tried to sit on my divorce papers as long as I could. 13 months down and we cant even say "I love you" to each other. 13 months down and we cant even look at each other with out hate.
Our hearts, minds, bodies and souls are not lined up properly.
Remember the very first day when you and I met. We met at a damn gas station because I didn't have a car. My first one took everything from me and the house was completely empty. I was broken, angry, depressed and so far gone. I reached out to you and not even a week later you come in and save the day.
The very first day we met. We made passionate love...I felt lost and appalled in your warm embrace on the kitchen floor. We ripped each other's cloths off like it's been a long time coming. We showered, we then went on a couple of dates. The beach, hearing the water. The seagulls flying over almost felt like a dream. Sushi bar and I ordered the smallet appetizer on the menu, thinking it was a entree. Anyway, you order a bigger plate than me and we both laughed.
Sooner or later we moved into together. We found each other in a hopeless place. Can we do that again?
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Who buys a vegan steak for their birthday?

Today is my birthday. I don’t like my birthday, I feel it’s silly that people make such a big deal about the day I was born. But that’s just me. Anyway, I don’t care about presents or parties or going out. For my birthday I asked for quiet. Just one day without interruption. Nope. MIL yells from her room she wants to talk to me. She tells me since she bought dinner for DH birthday that apparently she has to buy dinner for mine. She then proceeds to give me her order from Longhorn Steakhouse. I am vegan. Have been for years. I told her there is nothing there I want to eat. She said ‘well since I’m paying for it I get to choose where we order from’. I said ‘that’s fine, you order dinner for you and DH, I will just make something for myself at home’. She got angry and told me ‘you could be more appreciative that I’m buying dinner!’. Thanks, that is just what I wanted. Yay! This is why I hate my birthday. On a high note, the DH got me tickets to see John Oliver at Foxwoods Casino. Totally stoked!
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Birthday trip to Foxwoods Casino Resort Our Overnight Stay at Foxwoods Casino, CT - YouTube A Day at Foxwoods  FOLLOW ME AROUND AT A CASINO! - YouTube Foxwoods Resort Casino - Topic - YouTube Foxwoods Resort Casino - YouTube

The real money online casino world depends on bonuses to attract and retain players. With no physical location and no way to see the player face to face, a Foxwoods Casino Connecticut Bingo casino must find a Foxwoods Casino Connecticut Bingo compelling reason for you to make a deposit to try out their games, and the most common way to do so is to give you a significant match play bonus to go ... Well look no further Foxwoods Casino is in my opinion safer then the grocery store and gas station. The cleanliness and respect of all is top notch. Read more. Review collected in partnership with this attraction. Date of experience: November 2020. Helpful. Share. Response from foxwoodsresortcasino, Guest Relations Manager at Foxwoods Resort Casino . Responded Nov 13, 2020. Thank you for your ... Foxwoods Resorts eröffnet Casino für Ü55-Jährige. Veröffentlicht am: 8. November 2020, 05:30 Uhr. Letzte Aktualisierung am: 6. November 2020, 01:39 Uhr. At JackpotCity Casino, players can enjoy Foxwoods Casino New Slot Machines more than 500 casino games online, including slots with variants of classic 3-reel as well as modern 5-reel Foxwoods Casino New Slot Machines video slots, most of them packed with in-game bonus features. There are also progressive jackpot online and mobile casino slots, where one lucky spin can land a jackpot win of ... Foxwoods isn’t taking a gamble on survival during this pandemic. News 8 has learned the casino will be cutting back on more of its operations. We normally hit Foxwoods Casino several times a year. We did so again last week. Foxwoods is such a wonderful experience every time. We stay on and off property. The Fox Tower, The Great Cedar, The G... Foxwoods has several casinos to play in. They have loose slots, awesome hotels, my favorites: Great Cedar and Grand Pequot .. Easy access to gaming . Delicious food options, great perks and ... WORCESTER, MA — Worcester police and U.S. Marshals arrested two city men on Thursday afternoon, including one wanted in connection to a shooting at the Foxwoods Casino in Connecticut. Around ... Erleben Sie den Nervenkitzel des Ziplining im Foxwoods Resort Casino, während Sie vom Dach des Fox Tower aus fliegen. Beginnen Sie in 107 m Höhe, wo Sie das Personal auf die Fahrt vorbereitet. Erhalten Sie Anweisungen und Ausrüstung, schließen Sie sie fest an das Kabel an und nehmen Sie sie ab. Gleiten Sie länger als eine Minute und genießen Sie die Aussicht bis zum Long Island Sound ... Foxwoods Resort Casino will continue to welcome guests from all New England states. We have put extensive effort and research into our resort safety measures to mitigate public health risks, and we remain confident in our plans. Regardless of where you live, we advise those who feel unwell or who are high-risk to avoid traveling and consider visiting Foxwoods when they are feeling better. We ... Foxwoods Resort Casino features deluxe accommodations, fine dining, a wide variety of entertainment attractions and shopping.

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Birthday trip to Foxwoods Casino Resort

The official YouTube channel for Foxwoods Resort Casino. With exciting games, world class cuisine, electrifying entertainment, shopping & 5-star service, Fox... Video recording of Foxwoods casino & resort complex. This is aerial video recording of Foxwoods casino & resort complex during our stay there. Our Overnight Stay at Foxwoods Casino, CT via YouTube Capture.I hope you enjoy my videos, and do not forget to leave your I like and comments. subscribe here please. Thank you.Wheel of fortune live ... Foxwoods Resort Casino is a hotel and casino complex owned and operated by the Mashantucket Pequot Tribal Nation on their reservation located in Mashantucket... This video is about Birthday trip to Foxwoods Casino Resort. Join me side by side and experience 2 days at a casino with all the perks, including a pool, outlets, bowling, and a bug in my salad?? Happy #cannysfunfriday...